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Whether in the air or on the deck, Harry Thompson is one of the most versatile ruckmen in the comp.

He’s made significant progression this season, stringing together a number of solid games.

Meet #23 Harry “Burgs” Thompson!


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Nickname: Burger

Junior Club: Kew Comets Junior Football Club

Occupation: Barista, The Wattle Park Golf Course

Describe yourself as a footballer: Riggsesque.

AFL player you model your game on: Leon Davis

AFL team supported: Collingwood Football Club

What do you love most about Old Trinity: Business Lunch

What’s your favourite TV show: Married at First Sight

If you were to choose a reality TV show to appear on what would it be: Married at First Sight

Pickup line: Do you like to go to the Harp?!?!?!?! If at the Harp, how much do you love the Harp?!?!?!?!

What’s your favourite movie: 2016 VAFA A Grade Grand Final Tape, closely followed by the 2015 edition. I like 2016 because I play a small cameo role.

Who are your three dream dinner guests: Andrew Symonds, Simon Katich and Michael Clarke, but only if Clarkey has a reservation for a booth at a nightclub and the other two guests are trying to prevent him from getting to that reservation. (“Get ready for a broken arm”!!!)

Favourite Karaoke song: Hotel California, the Alphabet

Who would play you in a movie about yourself: Colin Cowherd

What can’t you live without: Memes

Which teammate is set for a breakout year: Sando

What did you want to be growing up: James Hargreaves

Who is your celebrity crush: Kangaroo Jack

If you were to own a racehorse, what would you call it: Marty

Footy trip destination: Hobart

Coach’s favourite saying: The reward is x-0, we will be back on this stage again next year boys but next time we will actually get the result.

What other sport are you most passionate about: Basketball

All time dream sporting event you’d love to attend: G7 NBA Finals (LeBron btw is 2-0 all time in such games)

Which teammate fancies themself as a celeb: Stein

Fears/phobias: Going to an NBA game where the stars get rested

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