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Reconstructing the history of a football Club from the archives is a task that is both rewarding and not without its challenges.

During the past 60 years the history of the Old Trinity Grammarians’ Amateur Football Club has been preserved through the efforts of a dedicated group of individuals, many, but not all of them, past players. But all share one thing in common, a pride in the shared experiences and memories of the Ts.

1968 Reserves

As we embark on a journey to realise a more complete history of the Club, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of those that have been instrumental preserving the achievements of those who have pulled on the Gold & Green.

Bruce Hotton marks over a two Power House opponents

It’s going to be a constant ‘work in progress’ so we beg your forgiveness if we get it wrong sometimes. But we also invite your contribution. Where there are gaps, help us fill them. Where you can provide a picture, send it to us. Where you can share a story, tell us. We’ll do our best to add your experiences to our shared history.

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Email us at oldtrinityfc@gmail.com