1968 was a season of extremes. The low point was the sudden death of the Club’s President, John Weatherson. As described above, John had been the soul of the Club since before its formation. John was in his third year as President and it was fitting that he had overseen the Club’s first premiership in 1967 and witnessed it clearly outgrowing E Section.

Norm Latchford stepped into the breach by becoming President. The high point of the season was the Firsts decisive win over AMP in the second semi final thus giving the Club its first appearance in a Firsts grand final and promotion from E Section to D Section for the first time. This performance was due in no small part to the coaching of Ian Curtis (who was also captain) and his assistant, Reserves captain coach, Terry Hense. Ian had stepped in as Firsts coach when Jack McLeod was recalled to Hawthorn and Terry had succeeded Don Elmer. Both sides topped their ladders. The Firsts won seventeen games and lost only one. The Reserves were undefeated. It was something of a disappointment then, for the Firsts to be defeated in the grand final by four points by AMP who they had defeated two weeks earlier by 13 goals. However, the Reserves won their second successive premiership.

In the Firsts second semi final which won promotion to D Section, Old Trinity defeated AMP Society 17-13-115 to 5-4-34. Goal kickers were A. Kennedy 4, D. McMenaman 4, J. Cox 3, R. Dart 3, R. McClean 2, B. Kleinert and best players were A. Kennedy, D. Cox, J. Duke, R. Christie, Peter Cohen & Rod Jones.

In the grand final, AMP Society 8-11-59 defeated Old Trinity Grammarians 7-13-55.

1968 Firsts

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The Reserves defeated Old Xaverians in both the second-semi final (by 12 points) and the Grand Final by 12-13-85 to 7-2-44.

Goalkickers were B. Quick 4, G. Alford 3, R. Moore 2, P. Quarterman 2, J. Latchford. Best players were C. Martin, B. Quick, P. Vine, J. Latchford, G. Alford & J. Charge.

1968 Reserves

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In 1968 Graham Humphreys and Warwick Smead were awarded life memberships. On the social side the camaraderie within the Club was strengthened by a number of infamous Curtis-Cox parties at 105 Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy, whilst committee meetings were often concluded around Roberts Moore’s billiards table.

Awards for 1968

Weatherson Medallist (Formerly B&F): Ian Curtis
Most Improved Player: Barry Lansdell
Most Consistent Firsts Player: Rodney Jones
Best First Year Player: Bruce Kleinert
Top goalkicker: Jamie Cox
Best and Fairest Reserves Player: Jim Charge
Most Consistent Reserves Player: Mick Henry
Best Clubman: Roberts Moore
J.E. Cousens Trophy: Tony Dart
Elmer Family Trophy: Rodney DeBoos
Athol Pike Encouragement Award: Peter Heath
100 games: Peter Leaper